AC Power Cords and Charging Cables Reference List for Retro Video Game Consoles and Systems. (Reference only - Some information may be inaccurate)

Nintendo USA

  • USG-001 for USG-002 (Nintendo DS LITE Handheld Console)

  • NTR-001 for NTR-002 (Nintendo DS Handheld Console)

  • TWL-001 WAP-002 (Nintendo DSi Handheld Console)

  • UTL-001 WAP-002 (Nintendo DSi XL Handheld Console)

  • FTR-001 WAP-002 (Nintendo 2DS Handheld Console)

  • CTR-001 WAP-002 (Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console)

  • SPR-001 WAP-002 (Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Console)

  • NES-002 (Nintendo Entertainment System Original Console / NES)

  • NES-001 (Nintendo Entertainment System Console / NES)

  • NES-101 (Nintendo Entertainment System Console / NES)

  • RVL-001 RVL-002 (USA) (Nintendo Original Wii)

  • WUP-002 (Nintendo Wii U)

  • AGS-002 AGS-101 AGS-001 NTR-001 (Nintendo Game Boy Advanced SP)

  •  OXY-001 OXY-002 (Nintendo Gameboy Micro)

  • DOL-002 DOL-001 DOL-101 (Nintendo Game Cube)


  • Model MK 1631 (Genesis 2 requires Sega AC Adapter 2103)

  • Model MK-2103 (Genesis 2 Modell MK-1631)

  • Model MK 1461 (Genesis 3)

  • Model MK-2103 (Game Gear)

  • Model MK-4012A (Sega CD requires two different AC Adapters.  (MK 2103 - Attaches to the Cartridge Section)  (1602 - Attaches to the CD Section),

  • Model MK-4012A (Sega Game Gear requires Sega AC Adapter 2103-1)

  • Model MK-2103 (Sega Nomad / Sega 32X)




Power supplies for the older XBox 360s with the Metal connector end will fit in all XBox 360. Power supplies with the newer Plastic connector end are model specific.

  • X818313-006 or X818313-005 (XBox 360 S 4GB or 250GB consoles)

  • X803538-004, X802882-004 (203 Watt XBox 360)

  • X811689-005, X811687-004 (175 Watt XBox 360)

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